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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
I've tried a couple of things on EmuTOS; Devpac, PureC, Teradesk and it all works.

Just for shit and giggles, i created a simple boot image with MINT (68k binary, so keep it as simple as possible) in U:/C/AUTO and the kernel actually starts up to the point of needing a init sequence. Lets see what it does with a barebones mint.ini :-)

I actually have a TT030 with a VME graphics card and NetUSBee which runs nvdi/xaaes/mint, but its been a while since i've last touched it.

If you want to share youre fVDI driver i'd happily give it some testing.
Be interesting to see some ST games and if they work, quite a lot use TOS for all their system calls like setting up a screen and the like, the older the more likely they are to use the system.
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