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Your HD will revalidate itself when it becomes corrupt
I just wonna know, how long I'll have to wait for it to do so ...
The first time it happened to me, one of my three partitions was invalid, and the harddisk was spinning and seeking all the time when I accessed it. When trying to get any info on the drive I received that "Dive invalid error". Bootup time was increased as a lot of time got wasted "seeking" for the invalid partition eventhough one could still retrieve data from it... it was a mess though.

A couple days later everything was ok again, without me doing anything
Now it got invalid again (different partition) and I'm ancious to see how long it will take this time, but I will propably have to format it
As for Quarterbacktools, I only got some old version, but I believe the newest one to be 5.something.

@Amigaboy: You mean I don't have to wait until all three status lights are on, when I want to turn it off ???
Big thanks to all of you for having supplied me with so much info
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