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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
What matters is which additional capabilities the product brings to you and how it makes your life simpler. If it does not, then that is fine, but why care about others?
I agree completely. I'm quite a computer geek and years ago, I bought a smartphone: an HTC Desire Z. Very nice. But I soon found out I only used it at home, doing nothing more than fooling around a bit. I never used it at work, not while travelling from home to work vv, nor anywhere else.

Also, I really hate being called privately (while at work, I'm on the phone several hours every day).

Easy and cheap solution: get rid of mobile phones altogether and get a nice tablet. Which I only use at home. Makes me a lot happier and saves me a nice amount of money every month.

I'm not against smartphones at all, they just don't give me anything I need. As soon as that changes, I'll get one again.

If I want to fool around, I'll grab my A500 or A600. Much more fun.
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