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Sun 611 external SCSI question

so I have this external Sun SCSI that was working a few months ago. It was partitioned with 4, 1gig partitions. I never did much with it other than confirm it worked by booting it up and writing a file to it. I was putting together a Toaster system and thought the extra disk space would come in handy, so it was put to the side while that happened.

Now we fast forward 3mnths and my sump pump went out and I had some water in my basement, nothing major but the drive sat in about 1/2" of water. Just enough to get the plastic casing wet and did not get to the drive or control boards. I know this because I opened it and none of the internal dust was even wet, lol. Nonetheless, I left it open to air out for the last month.

Today, I put it together and connect it to my A2000 and it doesn't recognize the drive. The Sun enclosure powered up, I hear the drive heads move and the green light goes on. Prior to that when I'd connect it the 4 partitions would pop up on the screen.

So, here's my question(s);

1. I'm using a db25 male to 68 pin male SCSI cable, (same one that came w/drive), does that get connected to the IN or OUT on the drive enclosure, I forget?

2. Does the db25 gets Connecticut to the accelerator board or the parallel port?

3. How can I confirm the Amiga is recognizing it once it's connected properly?

4. What is the re-formatting procedure should the A2000 actually recognize it?

I'm personally thinking even though water didn't reach the drive electronics, moisture evaporation is playing a role in malfunction. I pulled the adaptor and power board out to look for water stains, blown caps or even corrosion but found nothing. There's a plastic, black shield between the casing and components and that showed no water residue either, but the water is the only variable since I purchased it.

Unless, my 'Newbness' is causing me to do something wrong, of course. However, I tried every port configuration, I think.

Thanks guys for reading and any advice.

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