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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
So what's wrong with Ray's psu, not reliable enough or too expensive or both?
Nothing. But he's in the US and I'm in the EU (the Netherlands, to be precise). Although his PSUs are far from cheap, I have been tempted to buy them (one for my C128, one for my C64 and three for my A500/600/1200). But importing them from the US would about double the price for me and that would be far more than I'm willing to pay (customs is hell...).

I'ld very much like a relatively compact (ah well, I don't really mind if they're a little bigger compared to the original ones...) new PSU for my old 8 and 16-bit computers. High quality and reliability is my prime concern, a nice, clean case is second (no barebones ATX!), size is third and price is in last place.

For me to buy it, it would have to be found inside the EU to keep the costs acceptable. If Ray would be selling his PSUs inside the EU, I would buy several of them in a heartbeat.

I've also been looking at the PSUs Mechy offered, but the high costs of importing them from the US have kept me from buying several...

I'm not looking for an El Cheapo solution. I'm looking for a high quality solution I can afford.
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