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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
I think EmuTOS for the Amiga doesn't support loading additional floppy disk images.
WinUAE support (tested with Amtari) the *.ST floppy disk image format.
EmuTOS for Amiga does support swapping floppy disks.
I tested that on WinUAE, it works fine.

For information about the Atari desktop:
- There is no automatic refresh when you swap a floppy
- When you swap a floppy, if a window is opened on A:\, you must press the Escape key to force refresh of the window contents
- Of course, if there is no window opened, after swapping you just need to double-click on the A: icon to open it, as usual.

NB: Sometimes I get a read error on WinUAE on the first read after swapping a disk (it fails somewhere in the AROS floppy code). Just ignore and retry, next time it works.
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