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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Hello Toni, I do not know if they are important, I noticed some oddities:

- If you disable DF0 and DF1 and any system is loaded slowly and flashing light on the keyboard (A)
Always have at least DF0: enabled or you get slow boot. I think I already said it. (Do you have floppy leds enabled?)

- I accidentally loaded as HD for MS-DOS from a normal Hardfile 200M used for the Amiga A2886 is I noticed that he sees it, FDISK allows you to partition and save partitions, sin that will not be seen by the system to format
Non-RDB mode hardfile? Don't do it

- In emulation 386 to me is not seen Floppy
I already noticed. I was just checking wd37c65c specs (fdc used in 2386sx) and it seems to have different bit rate control bits than previous bridgeboards.
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