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I has some time to play with EmuTOS and here are some results:
NTSC A1000 with 8MB kipper2k Fast RAM:
1. I tried the EmuTOS v0.9.4 with floppy support on A1000. The plain Atari disk with some files is recognized.
2. I was able to launch v1.0 CAD3D software and create simple objects. I was also able to load object from the floppy.
3. The keyboard and mouse work fine.
4. After loading the EmuTOS kickstart, immediately it wants to load floppy disk, thus giving error trying to load the disk.
5. CTLR LAmiga RAMIGA keys resets the A1000 back to TOS, so no need to reload the TOS, same as Amiga kickstart.
6. I did encounter "Panic Error, Exception number 16", I'm not sure what caused it.

I also tried MCC-216:
1. To get it to work I renamed emutos.rom to KICK13.ROM to fool the MCC-216.
2. The EmuTOS v0.9.4 with floppy enabled did not load at all, it stayed at white screen.
3. The EmuTOS v0.9.4 with out floppy support, load it fine to desktop.
4. Mouse works fine, I only tried PS2 mouse port. I was able to select menus and operate preferences.
5. The is a problem with keyboard. I started the EmuTOS console and I was only able to type 2 letters before it froze. Sometimes none at all.

I know that MCC-216 is not supported, but it's nice to know that it "works". As of right now it's not very usable do to the fact that floppy drive option is not working therefore no software can be loaded.
There also can be a problem with virtual disk access do to the fact that it uses ADF format not ST, I'm not sure.
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