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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
As Mrs Beanbag pointed with her usual reasonableness, there is close to no conceptual difference between gosub and a function call (especially if you do not pass parameters) so the only explanation for Blitz Basic behaviour is well... that it is likely very ill conceived.
Possibly. The source code is available and still updated in the shape of AmiBlitz, so whoever can read "the ugliest assembly code ever written" is free to find out what Blitz does wrong.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat
I wish there was an IDE on the Amiga configurable enough to work straight out of the box with external languages (AmigaE, C, Arexx, etc.) because I'm fairly convinced that the reason AMOS and BlitzBasic still have so many adepts is that they provide an integrated development environment which helps non-experts feel secure enough which in turns allows them to experiment.
Don't we all?
Only, Blitz coders have wished since 1992 that the environment was a bit less integrated, since the compiler is tied to the abysmal Ted editor. It's not as bad as Emacs or Vi, but it's still a shitty editor.
AMOS, on the other hand, has an integrated environment that looks good to this day.
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