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Hooooo Did you know about.....Powerplay (piss-poor Atari ST port) vs Powerplay (Enhanced)??

Oki doke peeps, so did ya know about the two versions of Powerplay?!

If not, then all is revealed in the all new, all singin', all dancin' split of HOL entries for Powerplay - the original Atari ST port (released in '87, DOS format) and the enhanced Amiga version (released in '88, NDOS format). <--------- Powerplay (original Atari ST port) <--------- Powerplay (Enhanced)

Dunno about you, but the enhanced version is more fun to play than the original release. The trouble is......they could've done so much better with the enhancements.

At the very least, the character graphics & animation could've been far better in-game (consider that Battle Chess was also released in 1988!).
Additionally, how hard would it have been to have commissioned someone to produce a menacing, forboding soundtrack befitting of the Herculean task of defeating the Greek Gods in the ultimate battle of knowledge and wits!
Finally, why remove the quiz question editor from the original release? If it was as poor and confusing to use as Arcana claimed, why didn't they just simply improve it like they did the graphics (or just leave it in as is, if they really couldn't be bothered)??

Don't get me wrong - Powerplay is still fun to play if you like quiz games, but it could've been a damn sight better.....not to mention it was damn good to get those few grumbles off my chest!

Now down to some real business in this post. Has anyone got a Spanish version of the original DOS release of Powerplay published in 1987?
Also, has anyone got any WHDLoad versions of the original 1987 DOS release?? Any or all language versions would be welcome!

EDIT: There are a few Spanish releases in TOSEC (one labelled from 1987 even!), but they're all NDOS releases of Powerplay (Enhanced) from 1988.

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