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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32 View Post
Yeah, Cammy and I flew over there and stayed for a week. RJ Mical showed us around Google which made us want to work there so much. Dale Luck was there at the convention answering questions about his collection and there was heaps I have never seen before, like the SX500, a portable A500 inside an SX64 case. Also a CDTV with a floppy drive built into the front of it which looked pretty neat.
RJ Mical, Google, Dale Luck and rare Amiga prototypes.......sounds like you lived the Silicon Valley dream!

Funnily enough, I've read about and seen pics of the SX500 and CDTV with built-in floppy before, but what I'd never seen pics of before was C= USA's failed A2000 prototype.

Not sure if people know the webpage or not, but Cameron Kaiser's "The Secret Weapons of Commodore" has been around for the longest time and is a crackerjack read if you're into C= 8-bit prototypes and other rarities. Interestingly, he wrote a bit on the SX-500 on his website back in 2001/02, which is where I first read about and saw pics of it.

Sadly, the "Secret Weapons of C=" webpage hasn't been updated since 2007, even though Cameron Kaiser has actively updated other parts of his website. Anyone have any idea why?

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