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Speaking as a freelancer back then, by the end of 1992 Amiga-specific work was very thin on the ground and pretty much dead by the end of 1993. It was still being used to prototype ideas for consoles, and in the art/sound departments, but as a going concern, no. So any language released after that point was going to have a tough time. I do remember doing the music for one Blitz project (edit: not Super Tennis, some similar name) but that got canned. (it was on the cover of a very late Amiga Power iirc)

Personally I'm quite a big fan of the Blitz range on PC, I still use Max to write quick dev tools because it's so fast to get graphical utilities made within a few lines. (instant access to gfx screen, input, i/o) I did use the follow-up Monkey for a year or so (wrote a couple of engines for Flash/HTML5) but switched over to Unity in the last year.

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