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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Toni sorry, I did not understand what is and how to configure AT-Apollo Device, I did this, I did something wrong:

- copied AT-Apollo.device in DEVS:
- copied AT-Safe.device in DEVS:

- Expansion Boards Settings > XTIDE Universal BIOS HD (x86)
- SCSI Controller ID > BootROM_v2.03.bin
What? What does AT-Apollo have to do with bridgeboards? It is normal Amiga zorro IDE/SCSI HD controller..

Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
It's as clear as mud.

If I want use the XTIDE Universal BIOS HD in the Expansion Board Settings I need a BIOS to be active and visible as HD Controller.
Which BIOS is needed then?
I checked and A2286 does not scan E0000-EFFFF region for expansion ROMs and there is no free space anywhere else. XTIDE ROM needs to be above "Janus ROM" (if it is before "Janus ROM", Janus stuff takes over and prevents it from booting, at least it did with A2088), only free space is between C8000 to CFFFF. But fortunately it isn't needed because BIOS has built-in IDE support.

XTIDE works with A1060 and A2088(T) where it makes more sense anyway.
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