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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
Does compiled version supports the floppy drive and HDD?
The compiled version:
- Supports IDE hard disks on A1200. But I dumbly limited IDE detection to Gayle machines, so it currently does not work on A600. This will have to be fixed.
- Does not support floppy, because of licence incompatibility with AROS sources. But the 2 actual authors of the relevant code were OK to give their work to EmuTOS under GPL, so there is hope to solve that issue. This problem is getting old, I must work on that until it's too late.

The AROS-enabled version has support for floppies, unfortunately the binary can't be redistributed due to license issues. One can legally build it for himself using "make amiga AROS=1", though.

Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
I like to mess around with EmuTOS on my A1000, but w/o floppy support it's kinda hard and I can't compile it myself.
This is very nice from you. We will try to find a solution.
I would be specially interested by 2 questions:
- If it still boots on A1000, because we changed a few stuff in early CPU initialization
- If there is abnormal screen flickering. It is supposed to be the same interlaced mode as AmigaOS with high resolution on A500. I had some doubts when using WinUAE.
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