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Not to get drawn into any "I've been doing this for x amount of time" argument, but I'm pretty well versed in the theory. I started programming in 1980 on a Tandy coco1 and have used many languages on many machines since.
I specifically mentioned blitz, as it has been shown to be capable of good results. In fact Andrew Braybrook has even suggested 2nd to asm blitz is the best language on the Amiga for producing fast moving arcade style games.
Gloom and Skid marks are good examples, even if they do use some inline asm.

Why more software wasn't produced with it is probably more to do with portability and paradigms than capabilities. Even I use c more, despite liking blitz. My observation was exactly that. An observation. Not any sort of loyalty or particular fondness for basic variants.

AMOS is also a good example of judging a language by end results, however I opted to use blitz as an example, because positive end results resonate my point better than negative ones (ie. Amos, while fun, doesn't typically produce good results).

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