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90 deg turns is not a Doom clone It's a Dungeon Master clone, i.e. slideshow adventure game, not action shooter.

No, you wouldn't even play a 40x256 truecolor game. Well, for 5 minutes and then uninstall it.

Surely if Quake runs at subpar framerates on Amiga, Doom can be special-cased to run at par framerates? There's quite a difference in horsepower required.

Just some thoughts, I hope they don't sound too "realistic".

Special-cased Quake type maps (without game logic, explosions, frags, enemies and 3D weapons) run at 25Hz in demos. I think that's some kind of reference to start from - regarding expectations.

Certainly ID software spent lots of time on their well-made software renderer, but it's all about ideas. Soon the renderer was obsolete and other ideas were asked for. I.e. I would not rule out new ideas for textured 3D on Amiga.

And in response to what I think the original question was about: for me, Eye of the Beholder (90 deg D&D type) and then I was out of it so other ones may have appeared.

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