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Toni Wilen
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Beta 10:

- IDE emulation internal operation change. Previously next block was read from hardfile after previous block was transferred. Now all blocks are buffered first before transferring (or if write: all data is received first and then all buffered data is written to HDF). Fixes A2286 BIOS built-in IDE driver which does not wait for interrupt or DRQ status bit between transferred blocks. (Which technically is a bug, driver is depending on some specific HD manufacturer/model internal implementation detail)
- Amiga to PC bridgeboard interrupt enable/disable state fixed. A2286 Janus hardfile access does not hang anymore.
- Added x86 CPU speed adjustment (CPU panel, full left = fastest possible mode). Note that some BIOS drivers use CPU delay loops, unexpected things can happen.. Fastest possible enables extra hack ("immediate" floppy to prevent floppy detection fail). Speed adjustment is only enabled after initial
BIOS diagnostics checks have been done because some timer tests fail if CPU is too fast..
- Added right control = right Windows key option. (Keyboards without right Windows key, quicker to use than creating custom mapping, note that it also disables keyboard layout B RCTRL=fire mapping)
- GUI window is now per-monitor high DPI aware.
- 3-State Apollo 500/2000 IDE/SCSI combo HD controller fully implemented. ROM added to ROM scanner. 3rd party replacement ROM available from Aminet. (
- CDFS automount without physical drives mounted 10 empty image drives (b1).
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