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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Looks like wrong RGB bit order. (White is still white, other colors are wrong)

Most likely driver problem. Picasso96 and CGX have correct colors in all modes.
Not when using os39 PPC they don't. If ppc is involved then in most software the colours will be wrong. Even using ppc datatypes (Warp datatype in this case) you will get a badly coloured backdrop. Some months back I showed this with the game nightlong ppc where the game has a completely broken palette (68k version runs fine).

Using UAEGFX however works ok with ppc as you can tweak the PC ARGB mode in the winuae settings for each bit depth. (I cant remember which one worked)If its the exact same issue causing a bad palette with LinuxPPC then maybe its some issue in the ppc core.
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