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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Did you not find someone local able to do the fixes? I'll be home in November for a couple of days, and again the week before Christmas if you wanted to make the trip up to Wicklow with it, save having to ship it overseas? I'll also be home a couple of weekends in September but it might have to be before lunch one of the days as the afternoons/evenings are all booked up.
Hi Daedalus, thanks so much for the offer! I do have to be in Dublin in late September and late October and could make it to Wicklow if the missus doesn't mind driving. But it might be tricky for us since we finish our workshops at about 6pm and have to be back in the next morning. Add a pre-teen who needs to be dropped at and collected from relations and you can see how manic our time in Dublin can be if anything doesn't go smoothly

I found someone in Ireland who can recap and do timing fixes ( ). I guess since I want it recapped too I could just get him to do the timing fix as well. The prices are the same but I'll be happier posting it within the country. Let me chat to the missus about squeezing in a trip down to you and see if we can possibly leave a day early.
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