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Try using 32-bit display mode first. Not all Cirrus Logic emulation stuff support 16-bit

END-key: In this case I mean real END-key, not the emulated bridgeboard numpad END-key.

VGA bios text is different in my screenshot because I used BIOS from real Cirrus Logic VGA board.

Some bridgeboard/PC display card information because it seems there is some confusion:

Bridgeboard technically has emulated CGA board (supports both mono and CGA modes). Mostly software emulated with some hardware help. Mono and color modes use different RAM and IO addresses.

VGA is fully backwards compatible and supports also both mono and CGA modes (and of course EGA too). It can't work with another CGA or mono card. Also bridgeboard bios does not execute display board extension BIOS ROM code if any emulated board is enabled. (Which makes sense, emulated hardware has higher priority, VGA board would not see any RAM or IO accesses)

With VGA enabled, both PCMono and PCColor screens are always blank (but remember to still have either one open if you want working keyboard or mouse input..)

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