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Back on the new rig. Took some time to migrate ~1TB of data from the old system to the new one.Not to mention the old software, drivers and stuff...
Let's say it was late yesterday, or should I say today in the morning.

As I told you I will check c4d and it's indeed twice as fast as on the old phenom.
My default test is to render the c4d logo that comes with the package in 640x360 and 2xAA whenever I get a new system.
On the Phenom it took 8 seconds on the i7 4 seconds to render.
No overclock involved so far.
For comparison, the old Athlon I had before the Phenom did the job in 7 seconds.
SysSpeed gives me a 2.4GHz 68040 on the i7 while the Phenom emulates it @1.3GHz, with JIT direct mode of course.

Noise isn't as bad as predicted but a watercooling seems not the worst idea.

The hole system feels much more responsive. Host and emulation.
Thats like going from a VW to a Porsche.
Christmas came early this year.
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