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Thats why I mentioned too secretive. I don't see much value in keeping Amiga things secret in 2015, there's no real money left to be had and the few remaining buyers are by and large wary about spending out on this years shiny after decades of it. The only commercial interests are about selling the brand tacked onto some alien architecture like the commodore phone while picking over the well rotted corpse of enthusiasts goodwill.

I'm not talking about announcements and hype buildup, because I don't think theyre trying to make a commercial product and walk away with a big wad of $$$, but more like, you can see progress on some release notes or checkin comments on some open cvs or git repo. I'd love to check out work in progress, and roll up my sleeves and see if there's some bug or something I can help with, but it doesn't happen this way.

I did ask Gunnar if the "source" to the core would ever become open and viewable because I have a real interest in seeing how the core works inside and maybe even help find a bug or two as I have done some low level 68k in the past, and he told me simply "Never". On reflection I'm not sure if he meant it would never be released under the GPL, or just never released under any license, lgpl, bsd or whatever.

I am however pointing out anyone can pose the question at the people directly if they really want to get answers rather than stir up discussion on a forum. They do answer. Even if its not the answer you wanted.
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