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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
It was a vague example, and "at least". Take it as 100% then, or at whatever point the project is absolutely guaranteed to be completed - perhaps publicity shouldn't be pursued until the product is actually sitting there, ready to be shipped or downloaded. Yes, of course there are examples on the other side of the coin that have been completed successfully and that have many happy users, but with a disproportionate amount of people hopping on every announcement in the Amiga circles and tearing it to shreds when it gets delayed or changed, it only makes sense to not announce anything, even if the project is guaranteed to finish on time. That way, you completely avoid the risk of having to deal with all that negative Amiga "spirit" when things don't come to fruition.
if it was all only about buying gadgets, then yes. but its also interesting to follow the project, even if it does not end up being a product. so was my experience with natami. i have not really expected it to hit the market, and i always opted to develop accelerator board, at least initially. as it turns out, the natami experience went exactly into that. i see it as a win-win situation.

similarly its interesting to follow other open developments, like these of strim, or aros, or replacement libraries. no matter if one is directly involved or not. what though is very damaging is secretive attitude, dropping announcements and vague hints, making people buy into incomplete products, leading people by their noses and then delivering nothing, silently giving up, leaving people in darkness about it.. them hoping that the work "continues behind the scenes" and constantly discussing how it "gets done" when another "two weeks" have passed.. yes. this is very annoying.
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