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I have a android, but I'm not amazingly taken with it. Mostly I leave it switched off in the office or in the workshop on the bench as I don't like being contactable 24/7 anyway.

Its awkward to get beneath dalvik, the phone is reliant on chips with closed blobs, building a nfs module for it is a royal pain so it can't speak the same network standards as the rest of my kit (a "linux" based distro without nfs...) , my carrier keeps pushing and installing software to my latest Sammy without my consent etc that I really must get around to reflashing cyanogen or something.
Mostly, I use it as a emergency phone and for taking photo's in the workshop. I did tinker with bodhi linux on a archos android tablet for a while, but the hardware was a bit crap and full of firmware bugs and limitations.
I bought my wife a android smartwatch (pebbl irrc) but as anything but a bit of bling to pose with, its pretty crap having to remember to put it on charge all the time, and who the hell wants to get tweeted in realtime all the time?

What I really wanted was a phone running a modern version of familiar linux like I used on my compaq ipaq pda years before android came along. It was very competent, nice environment and open to tinkering, but lacked suitable mobile phone hardware on the market back in 2003 or whatever it was. That died a death after florian mueller (yes THAT florian mueller, paid microsoft professional shrill, sorry, consultant) got involved in the mailing lists and caused a load of bad feeling in the community, but all was not lost as a lot of the devs ended up on OpenEmbedded or Angstrom.

I plan to get a jolla phone next to have a play with it see how tweakable it is inside, or maybe a tizen based one. I'd go for a jolla now if they made a rugged one or otter made a otterbox style hardcase for their current hardware!

I've never owned a apple device and probably never will. I'm a low level tinkering sort of person, not a spoon fed media consumer hipster.
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