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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
It's still the case today, most likely because people announce a product and then get attacked when they don't deliver it on time and under budget. So the safest thing to do is get at least 95% of the development done before making any publicity moves...
only, then the project will fail on last 5%.

going public and being open about projects en course is completely fine and has not proven to be damaging. on the contrary. it entirely depends on the projects themselves, their reasonability and the people behind. so far guys like igor and gunnar already delivered a lot, when you count the core and the vampire boards in the hands of people out there. likely there is more to expect, and constantly dragging out natami, someones private project, which was hyped beyond recognition, the forum flooded with tons of dumbest posts and offtopic, as negative example is not fair in this comparison. and probably one of the reasons why apollo core isnt maintained.
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