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The guy who posted the restoration of the VR machine running Dactyl Nightmare was me!

Its internals are an Amiga 3000/30, with a pair of custom graphics cards. The GFX cards are TMS34020 32 bit 40Mhz systems, that each produce a slight offset image in each eye to give a `real 3D` effect.
There is a custom `IO` PCB called the Format Board. This handles the gfx card protection, audio mixing and volumes, and joystick tracking on the Sit Down machines, as well as credit control and a few other bits.

The Tracking system is either a Polhemus Fastrak or an Ascension FOB, depending if a CS (standup) or SD (sitdown) machine, respectively. Both systems use a magnetic transmitter and the receiver is within the Visette (HMD)

As for Winuae, I use that to edit the startup sequences of the systems, so I can learn, and change, and now put other games on. I cant run the games on Winuae - as the software looks for a GFX card, then when it cant find it, it stops the game and heads back into a CLI.

Since that restoration in early 2013, the machine has been to about 10 events around the country, and to make it even better - I restored a second one! - The one in the `Photos` link that Emufan posted. It was `ArcadeOll`s machine, he sold it to me. Playing head to head is available!
I am currently working on the restoration of a Sit Down machine, and I`ll then work on the 3rd CS1000 I have too!

Check out my FB page.
Retro VR. - please like!

Also, if in the area, please come along to the Retro Computer Museum, as we have one of the CS`s there with Dactyl Nightmare, and hopefully soon - the SD with Exorex.
Google the museum and check out when we`re open next. We have LOADS of retro computers and consoles to play on - with almost every game!


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