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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
Done, and thanks.

My only crime while registering is using my VPN which I use for several reasons, but that means I have to turn it off every day I decide to access the site, then turn it back on again when I'm done. Very annoying.
no you dont thats only at registration verification,, feel free to leave vpn on, we have many members who travel or use mobiles while at work etc.

Originally Posted by MrFluffy View Post
If I wanted to hide, I would do so in plain view picking plausible entries for each field, sign up from a endpoint in the right country, set my browser UA to something common etc, as I imagine any actual potential miscreant would do?
I've never been banned, nor was I making any real effort to hide, I just value my privacy a little and don't see why a web forum needs the detail in such accuracy, when there's nothing concrete to verify that against anyway. If I'd have stuck Birmingham UK as my location and googled for a valid postcode of a residental street there and used a vpn, you would have been none the wiser, and it'd have been just as fake as outer mongolia but displaying some criminal intent. I might have 3 accounts on there already that you don't know about. Who knows.

In reality I thought about it when I got the "banned for life" melodrama un-welcome email as it was fun to play with google+ and farcebook when they made the same mistake but decided ebay would be much easier. Simpler all round for everyone.
Sorry to hear you don't like Amibay's sign up procedure,,

as for Privacy,, I could give you my street name, you still couldnt find me. All we ask for is a country and state/region. if you had put UK, Birmingham I dont see how I or anyone esle could find who you are or your full address.

which you give away anyway freely to the 1st member who you buy from, paypal (gives name) and postal address.

but thats up to you..

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