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Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
51200mb is about 50gb? HDToolBox i'm unsure, is 7.8gb the max partition size it can see correctly maybe?
HDToolBox for OS 3.1 can see only 4GB, but theoretically the OS 3.9 version can see 4GB to up. The Amiga can access up to 2TB.

Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I think HDToolbox from 3.1 and earlier only reports 7.8 while 3.9 HDToolbox reports the correct size. There is an upgrade for pre 3.9 HDToolbox on Aminet.
Wow, thanks! I will try it.

EDIT: Oh no, I misunderstand that it is for *pre* 3.9. Oh bad... Anyway, thanks, for sure.

*** Anyone have other idea? ***

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