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I prefer Android, but find it's often a pretty flaky, inconsistent experience. For instance, every day I wake up before my alarm goes off so like to 'dismiss' it straight away. One day the option to do this will be there, other days it won't be.

Also, bizarrely enough, apps can merge into one another. If I click a torrent magnet link in the Javelin browser, it transmits the download to Flud - my torrent client - but then Javelin becomes Flud. Click the back button and the two things split apart again.

I've found crashes and lock-ups are more common than I'd like in Lollypop too.

I spent 10 years as a member of the Cult of Mac before it began to turn my stomach and I jumped on the Linux bandwagon instead. Thankfully there are no ultra hip, arty, designer types in every other movie trying to manipulate me into buying Ubuntu or Linux Mint.
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