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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
You can try Project Battlefield [ Show youtube player ] or Project Intercalaris I had both games on my A500, it's playable but it's hard to aim.
They look similar but Project Intercalaris seemed better somehow.. 1MB required so I guess its A500+ or A600 but still nice...

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Please don't call them ports. They are very limited tech demos meant to look like the games you mention, but they aren't ports. The Amiga at least has real Doom and Wolfenstein ports, but I'm afraid that asking for a Doom 'clone' on an A500 is asking for too much.

This being said, as a proof of concept Citadel is quite impressive. It will run an a vanilla A500, but really slow.
Ok, I hear ya.. Ye they are not "ports" but I think my intentions got through.. ;-)
Anyhoo, I thought that we'd have some nice tech demos that really pushed the A500 to its limits by now, using Blitter, Copper tricks and what not to create a decent Wolfenstein/Doom-style FPS with whatever sacrifices that need to be made.
I now got a few examples I didn't previously know about so thats nice..
Meanwhile, in Atari land, this one -I think.- actually qualifies as a Wolfenstein port. Its running on an STe so 1MB RAM, BLitter and 8MHz CPU. Pretty close to a 500+/600
[ Show youtube player ]

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