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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Im guessing they dont want to go through all the new registrations and let a function take care of it. Maybe default is BAN and send all email.
There is an automated system that looks for bots and the like that does auto ban some membership requests.

There is also a system of checking the profile information entered. If this is not completed correctly then an auto ban is switched on again.

All this is to protect the members of AmiBay from all the toe rags that are quite happy to rip you off and run away with your cash and not send the goods!!

It isn't a fool proof system but it does stop a lot of the aforementioned people getting automatic access to AmiBay. Unfortunately one or two toe rags still get in

And the point to this reply -

@B14ck W01f

I've cleared your registration. Please check your location profile and change it as needed.

Dave G
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