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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
i kind of think of Amos programming as a feat akin to getting printers to play music, or making a bicycle out of beer cans
I'd like to see that bicycle...

... it's number 8 in the list

Anyway, I agree that AMOS can be slow at some things. But when you choose a language to program in you have to trust that the routines that it uses are optimised to the best ability. (Obviously assembler is the exception to this as it's up to you to code the routines, unless you use libraries or borrow someone elses code...)

As far as the topic goes, homebrew on the Amiga isn't very impressive (most of the time) as we struggle to agree on anything, sometimes lack time to finish projects and choose the wrong things at the start of the project.
Hmmm... maybe we need an education in planning/designing a game aswell as tips for coding in our chosen language/s?
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