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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
What you may not know is some people telling me this is a good idea also told me You cant do that in Amos or you need extention or you souldnt use gosub etc Lol! they spoke before they tested even the most basic routines -guess its a little personal.
well of course you "can" do this or that in Amos, but if it is anything vaguely complex i certainly wouldn't want to waste my time and sanity doing it for how slow it would be.

i've committed to making PuzCat 2 in Amos just to see/show what can be done, but it will be quite a simple game.

Could i write Mr Beanbag in Amos? Well that's how it started out, although it was doing its own hardware bashing, creating its own copperlist, and at that point you have to wonder why you don't just use asm. And there's no way i would have been able to put the bad guys in, i had to write my own bob engine because of the way the scrolling works... and you can't load other Amos programs in as modules and call their procedures, you just can't ok. It would all have to be in one huge monolithic program, which would be unmanageable.

i kind of think of Amos programming as a feat akin to getting printers to play music, or making a bicycle out of beer cans
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