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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
I doubt we will see this but I've been an amigan a long time and heard all this before. But you take away the collision and scrolling your not writing the game yourself realy.I don't care about language or libs etc - The goal is to take away everything
There is much more to a game than scrolling and collisions and actually these are the most boring parts.
- reaction to player input (movement mechanics, inertia, speed, etc.)
- behaviour and animation of NPCs (be they alien spacecrafts or walking creatures)
- core gameplay:
- interaction player/world
- objectives, sub objectives, conditions, rewards, penalties, etc.
- interaction world/world
- effects:
- animations, sounds, particles

Even in a shoot'em up scrolling and collisions are the least defining features.
Look at SOTB: fantastic scrolling, shitty gameplay. I wish they had used a parallax scrolling library and concentrated on actual gameplay!

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