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Never had any issues with overclocking with a stock Intel cooler.
Might lose a few % in potential and gain a few degrees, but these days there's a lot less headroom anyway.
Even so, I've never really bothered with elaborate cooling. My amithlon machine ran without issues running at 4ghz, up from default of 2.6ghz (c2d e5300) for years on standard boxed CPU cooler. Still runs fine, but I upgraded to a c2q (solely for larger caches).

My i7-2700k has also been running at 4.1ghz on stock cooler for a few years and hasn't skipped a beat (fan does speed up sometimes, but its far from noisey and I can't hear it over any audio anyway).

I also run my AROS i7-870 box at 3.9ghz (up from 2.93ghz) on normal boxed CPU cooker. Again, never had a problem.
In fact only once in over 20 years of over clocking everything not bolted down (figure of speech for those compelled with OCD) did I bother with a separate cooler, and that was a palamino CPU and not once have I had a problem.

Obviously doesn't hurt to use a separate cooler, but a better power supply is more important.

As for the question of how fast (Win)UAE is on modern hardware,....
How long is a piece of string? :-)
It can be blindingly fast, or you can bring it to its knees. It all depends on the config.

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