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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
I think the bounty is to add wrap around and some other stuff to Amos and other languages.
I think once you start doing this your just end up with command line backbone in theory this is ok but games might not have individuality.
But like I say I shouldnt knock it.
A set of libraries does not constrain you, it provides additional capabilities that you are free to use or not use. BackBone on the other hand forces you in doing things a particular way.

Libraries just abstract part of the work needed to make a game and how you compose them is up to you.
Frameworks impose you a particular philosophy of game creation and design.

These are two very different creatures.

The alternative to using libraries is to rewrite all code from scratch every time. Libraries just gather useful functions together in a coherent set so that previous work does not need to be re-done.

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