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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
ScrollingTrick was written in C as example code. It was never designed to be reusable. (In fact, I couldn't write it in AmigaE no matter how hard I tried because the library mode is broken beyond repair in the compiler.)

Why am I doing this in C? It compiles better than AmosPro, supports inline Assembly better than AmosPro and most importantly, can bang the hardware without having to disable all the high-level features of AmosPro and litter my code with Exec library calls and wierd banks whose only purpose is to emulate structure functions that are natively supported in C.

Why as a shared library? It can be used from any language you choose, as many times in the same code as you choose. Many languages (including Assembly and AmigaE) have utilities for importing shared library support from the FD file (FD2Pragma for example). But best of all, just by swapping the shared library for one written for graphics cards, you instantly have graphics card support without even trying!
This sounds like exactly what I've been looking for - thanks so much!

@Boo Boo: Whatever you say, the Amiga development scene needs this boost. At the moment, there is no pathway for someone to easily get into Amiga programming and master the hardware at their own pace.

AMOS is slow and a dead-end in terms of learning; Blitz teaches some concepts about Amiga hardware but is still a dead-end (as well as doing its best to alienate everyone with its IDE). The only thing left is learning low-level hardware tricks from scratch. That's a big ask if you're short on time.

I hope I've got this wrong, but you seem to like the fact that learning Amiga programming is made as difficult as possible, with no leg-ups, no means of learning while having fun - just a hard slog where everyone has to learn to reinvent the wheel.
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