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Originally Posted by beezle View Post
Much easier to justify replacing a phone that cost %10 or less though.
My android phone cost me $49 three years ago and is still kicking along fine.
About 12 months ago I also bought an android quad core bay trail tablet for $189, and it gives performance pretty well on par, often greater than any iOS device.
A lot of the devices that I see people replacing are mid- or high-range phones like an HTC One, Sony, Samsung Galaxy, etc, and I feel that's a fairer comparison. Although the base-level phones are getting better each year, they are going to lag behind in some ways. For one thing, I value having a really good camera on my phone and that's something you have to pay for.

That's much easier to swallow than 5-700 pounds, and infinitely more flexible given I can also run iOS, windows, Mac os, Linux, AROS, etc, etc software. (VMs and other software).
I question how useful that is. Do you hook up a screen, keyboard, mouse and if so, do you carry them around with you? Whenever I've tried anything like this, I find it awkward and end up asking myself "why don't I just use my laptop?" especially if it involves the (mis-)use of a touch-screen. It's great in theory but I can't seen it being more a tech demo TBH.

As for not trusting Google, fair enough, but why would a person sign in anyway? I never do.
This is the company that recently installed an extension to Chromium without users' consent that apparently used the microphone to listen in on conversations. The same company that drove cars around harvesting data from people's wifi networks. I wouldn't use the OS they built and think that not signing in stops them from scooping up whatever data they can get away with.

All in my opinion of course.
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