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Originally Posted by beezle View Post
Couldn't disagree more with whoever suggested iOS is the most Amiga like.
Amiga was always nice and open, good value, non disposable, encouraged experimenting and so on.
Completely and utterly the opposite of what apple has built their empire on.
I did precise it was in terms of "feel" right? It thought that was clear enough in my sentence. User interface, good use of technology to enhance the user experience (UX).

As for the rest, I mostly agree and wished there was no developer fee and the system would be more open but disposable I can't agree with. Samsung's phones are disposable, they produce new models every month as if there was no tomorrow, Apple phones with one model per year and a lasting second hand value are everything but disposable.
I keep my iPhones for three years and they re-sell without a problem, hardly disposable if you ask me.
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