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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
If you use a smartphone daily for work and free time, then investing a good sum on it is a must. 700 for an iPhone is kinda crazy seeing what you can get with less than half of that sum, but you really don't want to be unable to use Google Maps while lost somewhere because your 80 "smartphone" is just unbearably slow, do you?
This is how I feel. I use my phone enough to justify paying for the one I really want, which happens to be an iPhone. I have owned Android devices in the past so I have some experience of both.

500-700 seems crazy, but I usually have mine for 3 years and then my usually wife inherits it while it's still a good phone. Most of the people I know with Android phones seem to replace them in half that time and put them in a drawer. That's what I've noticed, at least.

Then there's the question of who I want to give my money to. I don't like Apple's lock-in but I feel it's the lesser of two evils when it comes to Google's, well, being Google. I'm not stupid enough to trust any multinational corporation, but I REALLY don't trust Google.
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