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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
3ghz wow - sorry dudes its a phone and its hype to get you to part with your cash.
I don't care much about frequency speeds, but they've done nice stuff like adding a DSP, wider memory interface, 64-bit support (that was already present in the 810, truth to be told - but the 810 gets so hot that you can fry eggs on it) and more

I've advised my friends to get all kinds of phones, starting from £100 upwards - and some are now complaining about slowdowns. I've spent £250 on mine two years ago and it's still rocking strong.

If you use a smartphone daily for work and free time, then investing a good sum on it is a must. £700 for an iPhone is kinda crazy seeing what you can get with less than half of that sum, but you really don't want to be unable to use Google Maps while lost somewhere because your £80 "smartphone" is just unbearably slow, do you?
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