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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
3d fps games on the Amiga are all crap excepting Alien breed 3d 2 and Genetic species which are fantastic and exclusive Amiga titles

both requires AGA /
however in Alien breed 3d2 to get constant 39 fps which is the maximum this game does you need winuae and a fast CPU like a core 2 duo 3.0 ghz or better

for the A500 I do not recommend any 3dD game because they are all crap
Well @Sandro, thanx for your input but that wasnt really the point of this thread. Ive run most amiga fps games out there on my a1200 with overclocked 060.
But I was wondering how far someone pushed the stock A500. Ive seen doom and wolf ports on a 2MHz Spectrum so I figured someone tried to push the 500 to its limits just to prove a point.
So basically a tech demo is fine.. doesnt have to be a finished game...
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