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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
The thing with these deals, that seem great to the unsuspecting customer, is that the lowest base price has already paid for the full hardware with everything enabled, with profit margins. Anything you pay to activate more features is just extra profit.
Which part of "the ACA1221 in it's base configuration is sold at component cost" did you not understand? That low price is only possible because I did NOT factor in my own development work and financing cost. If nobody decides to upgrade, the whole project will be a (financial) failure.

The extras that I will hopefully sell are my *only* source of profit in this project. I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned it more than once in this thread, and I kindly request from you (and others) to not spread this kind of rumor.

This new business model is an experiment. There are other (also quite modern) forms of finding a price for a product that I will try in the future. They all have the same goal: Keep prices for our hobby at an affordable level. 300 pounds for a 20-year old used accelerator without warranty? Don't you *see* that there is a requirement for lower-price products?

My other alternative for the ACA1221 would have been to do overclocking tests with each and every CPU, which would have made it much more expensive (a lot more than the old ACA1220 design). Then I could have enabled all features from the start and put a price tag of 129,- EUR on it. My goal of providing a lower-price product would not have been met, as that's more expensive than the ACA1220-25, and it would not provide much more: Faster memory, faster chipram access, dynamic clock speed - I'm not sure if people like you would have spared some or all of their criticism.

Don't get me wrong - I do like the discussion about new forms of finding a price, but please keep your criticism constructive: Don't just demand to make something cheaper (which you essentially did), but also give your claim a foundation of numbers. Just ignoring what I have written before (no profit in base config) and claiming that I'm making enough money already is not very constructive.

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