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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
JIT must be off (JIT on = can crash when Amiga programs do bad things and dump file is useless anyway)

Do you have some suspicious system patches?
I was not aware that JIT was activated, sorry.

Now I see the reason for that crash, WinUAE was reading the directory structure, but I stopped it prematurely by exitting the emulator. But the first error persists yet. Interestingly, Intuition stops when WinUAE is reading the directory, in the same way that I explained before. May that give some idea of whats wrong here, Toni?

About the patches, the only patches I have installed in the hardfile are SystemPatch 3.3b and layers.library, the latter loaded with C:LoadModule. But to be sincere, I have removed the two from my startup-sequence/user-startup, and it wont work.
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