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7GB copy from Windows to AmigaOS


I am trying to copy a 7GB+ directory from Windows directory to PFSAIO hardfile. It consists of ROMs, mostly Nintendo ones.

Whenever I copy the GoodNES/GoodGB uncompressed rom set to the hardfile, it copy each file from the rom set, very slowly really, which is not common, up to a point that the copy operation stops, and after that all Intuition gadgets stop responding. Intuition seems not responding any more messages and I need to reboot or quit WinUAE, because the file copy looks near to impossible. (Well, not so, because the Workbench windows itself continue working, albeit they dont update anymore!)

Albeit you said before, which the issue is AmigaOS stack overflow, I cannot believe, sorry, being the error repeated perfectly all the times. I dont understand, sorry, why the copy operation for the GoodNES/GoodGB directory, the biggest ones, takes so long for each file (1 seg for 2MB file), while for the smaller ones, like No-Intro Famicom, each file is copied very fast in chunks of ten or twenty! And why it gets slower and slower, up to a point that it stops altogether. And if it is a stack overflow really, why the stack overflow crashes justly Intuition everytime, and not other library or program?

I was thinking in posting logs, but the last log WinUAE created was over 2GB, and its very big for a simple attachment in a thread or the Zone.

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