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If you really want an answer, go find biggun on freenode on their irc channel. He gets on there fairly often of a evening but he doesn't tend to hang about.
I don't think he cares at all about the forum except as a means to communicate between the core team, of which I have no connection to apart from lurking there occasionally to improve my own knowledge of fpga's and how these things work.
I base this on the fact I wanted to sign up for the forum a couple of months ago to pre-order the v2, and never got the sign up email, so I went on irc and asked him about it and he said there were sign up problems.
Its not how I'd run a project (bit closed and secretive for my liking, but then isnt that the amiga way through history?), but then, theyre actually there doing it despite a lot of verbal mud thrown their way from various quarters so who am I to judge.
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