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Originally Posted by beezle View Post
Always the happy camper aren't you?

Also, very wrong, which I suspect you even know, which makes the above all the more bizarre.

Ever try ab3d on a cd32? How about f.e.a.r? Frontier? Gunship2000? What about ab3d2? Simon The Sorceror? Or, ..or,... Or....

Having had an sx-1, with fastram and a hard drive I know even that doesn't cut it for some cd32 versions of games, not to mention the fact the cd32 was designed from the get-go to also be upgradable to an Amiga.
Whilst i agree with the fps games and frontier, Gunship 2000 was perfectly playable, i used to play for hours no problem, and Simon the sorceror? Why does that need more cpu speed its an adventure game, plays as it should do on stock machine!
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