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Ah, I guess my happiness was a bit short-lived, as today I checked several WHDLoad games and applications, and sadly most of them refuse to work.

Stuff like Eye of the Beholder 1 shows a "mismatching file size during data load" error, pointing to either empty file ('') or some random garbage string ('@DJ#FDO' etc.). I googled that it might have something to do with the filesystem on the drive, so I created a new partition with SFS filesystem, but the same thing happens there.

On the other hand - tried Space Hulk, it completely crashes my A500 during loading (when the WHDLoad info window is present).

And the best part? I configured the WinUAE to match my Amiga 500, mounted the CF card there, booted it and bam - all of the WHDLoad installs, that refuse to work on the real system, work like a charm in WinUAE.

I just don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions?
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