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@beezle What you say isnt wrong but you can turn it around as well. The Amiga hardware was built to easily handle the software at the time. A modern Amiga would target the same issues I guess..
Only everything would be 1000 times faster.
One thing that (to this day) always annoyed me in Windows - no matter how fast CPU I have or how much RAM I have (right now thats a 4.1GHz i7 + 32GB RAM and the system itself on a fast SSD) the OS is unpredictable. Doing exactly the same thing, 9 out of 10 times it will respond as you expect it but sometimes that same action will - for some unclear reason - take much longer than usual. Stuff like that annoys me a LOT. The OS is doing something I dont know about.. Every time that happens I remember Amiga OS and how stuff like that never happened.

Sure enough.. windows is doing a hell of a lot more stuff than Amiga OS ever did but maybe thats not a good excuse because you could also say that no one forced them to over-bloat the OS like that.
But its not just Windows.. modern OS's have loads of services running, apparently doing something absolutely need (?)..
Theres unpredictable indexing of files, silent updates, data mining (oh yes ;-) and a bunch of other stuff.. (check the list of crap running in the background on Android OS at any given time).

I still believe we could have a new system that feels like the Amiga but this has already been discussed a million times. Long story short. 99% of ppl dont care enough about efficiency so it would never go beyond a small nische market.
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