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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
There is absolutely no fucking point in adding CPU power to a CD32. RAM and a way to connect mass storage is all it needs, it's a games console.
If you put a faster CPU you make it less compatible and ultimately useless, nobody is making any games for such a spec!
@Akira, I already know you like to suffer through slow poly based games on CD32... ;-) and yes it was sold as a game console.. but it was also made with expandability in mind, even being marketed as something you could expsnd into an A1200 and the expansion port obviously supported Accelerators such as SX32.. etc so that ppl coul turn it into something beyond the original limited console.
So who are you to decide what ppl want to do with their CD32s? ;-)
Maybe the CD32 is the only Amiga they own...
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